These values shine through in everything we do, inspiring us to help you make the switch to a powerful, more sustainable product line. Go Greenex, and benefit your business and patrons for the long term.


Thanks to the environmental safety of our powerful alkalis, you can get rid of your laundry’s toughest stains without sacrificing your values.


Improve whiteness and brightness with every wash, and enjoy bleaches formulated to fuse high performance with eco-conscious values.


Create the most inviting ambiance for your clients by keeping linens soft, supple and gentle to the touch. All without laying a finger on the environment.


Remove minerals and other hard water impurities to reduce wash cycle waste and make your entire laundry department run more efficiently.


Be sweet to the planet while accurately controlling the acidity of your water with sour solutions that counteract overly alkaline water sources.


From linens to uniforms to window treatments, add an extra helping of crisp appearance with affordable starches safe to both earth and apparel.

Help your laundry go Greenex

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