Helping your facility come alive

We believe a little effort in the right direction goes a long way. Beyond our commitment to affordable, high-quality facility maintenance products, we strive to better the world one client at a time.

These values shine through in everything we do, inspiring us to help you make the switch to a powerful, more sustainable product line. Go Greenex, and benefit your business and patrons for the long term.

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Clean space, clear conscience

Discover green solutions around every corner

How we help you go greenex


From servicing laundry to maintaining
your dispensary systems, our advanced
formulas deliver more clean per dollar


Greenex’s powerful eco-friendly solutions simplify the process of washing dishes, sanitizing surfaces and keeping culinary order


Improve the efficiency of your window cleaners and maintain the luster of your commercial floors—all while saving money on product

Self Sufficiency

Boost productivity by running a more efficient program with Greenex cooling towers, boiler systems and water purification technologies

Cleaning for a greener world

Effectiveness. Affordability. Sustainability.
Discover how you can have it all in one spotless package.

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