Products, we sell.

Our mission, we share.

Greenex is about more than just touting environmentally friendly products. We aim to contribute to a world that is better for everyone in it. How? It starts with building a strong, cooperative community of facilities across industries.

That’s why we apply the same yardstick to every decision we make: Is it good for our community? We also complement our products catalog with value-add supportive services that help you make the most of your facility’s journey.


A year-round service model

  • Strategic system design
  • Staff training and in-servicing
  • Scheduled program reviews
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance visits
  • All electronic service reporting
  • 24/7 emergency and full service support

Facilitywide training  and education

  • Safety Data Sheets and MSDS books
  • Point-of-use signage and wallcharts
  • In-depth staff training on day of install
  • Periodic training and in-servicing
  • Updated best practices training during routine visits

Equipment designed to empower

  • Dispensary setup for results & savings
  • Accurate dispensing without dose overshoot, half containers, line clogging or dilution guesswork
  • Ready-to-use dispensing with zero wait time or formula settling delays

Every Greenex purchase includes:


All products are backed by our satisfaction and performance guarantee


Every question deserves an answer and every client enjoys quality consultation


Only through collaboration can we effectively solve tomorrow’s challenges

Cleaning for a greener world

Our team is comprised of maintenance experts with backgrounds in future-proofing facilities.
That gives us unique insights into what it takes to plan for the future and embrace it for immediate financial benefit. Contact us anytime for a free consultation.

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